About us

From South Korea to Northern America, and currently located in NYC. We dream only to provide every one of our customers with specially hand-picked mask sheets from Seoul, Korea. Because these masks are from our mother country, Korea, we are very friendly with varieties of mask sheets. We all once went through the same struggle when there were tons of masks to choose from. Therefore, we came down to a decision to have a massive research and tests on ourselves to determine the best out of many. Now, we are pleased to share our most favorite and the most nutritious K-beauty masks with you!

With your subscription, THE MASK BOX delivers to your door every month. From that moment, you will not have to waste your time nor money. We want to offer you advanced home skin care at affordable price. Just have it open in your comfy chair and relax for 15 - 20 minutes. You will be able to tell how to nourish your skin feels afterward. We are careful, yet confident with our selections! ow!

If you are new to this fascinating mask world, don’t hesitate to try. Masking will take you to another level of beauty. If you are already a fan of K-beauty masks, give it a shot on our selections. No regrets with THE MASK BOX. It’s time to glow!

We would love to hear from any of you with questions and concerns. Simply email us at info@themaskbox.com