What type of energy does your skin need?

Since your skin conditions change from time to time, finding the right skin care regimen for your skin takes time and effort. It takes trial and error to find the right products that make your skin happy.
Eash skincare product is made with a different key active ingredient. By identifying these elements, you are able to add the right energy to your regime to fulfill what your skin needs.
1. Add water energy for better skin hydration
A solution for dry skin is quite straightforward - add hydration. Not just adding more moisture into the skin, but to find the right source of the moisture.
2. Add plant energy for anti-oxidation
When your skin is stressed, it ages faster. To prevent from aging so fast, we need to wake its senses.
3. Add sky energy for reviving
Oxygen works to simultaneously revive the skin and calm it down. Also, helps facilitate cell regeneration to both repair and hydrate the skin.
4. Add complex energy for brightening
Complex energy can be thought of as akin to the fire element. Help bring back your skin's natural shine and radiance that will support any skincare or makeup that follows.