Triple Cleansing?!

Cleansing seems super basic, but the truth is many people are not really taking their time cleansing thoroughly to remove all the residue on their face. I totally relate to this because sometimes I swipe my face with toner using a cotton pad and see a brown streak left over.
So lately, I've been thinking of extending my cleansing routine because I tend to put on more makeup than usual, mainly due to another job that I have which I consistently have to greet customers. Also, I've been using more colorful eyeshadow palette to emphasize the summer vibe. 
Then I came across "triple cleanse" trend. I instantly had to try this routine out to see what difference this makes. It isn't too much as it may sound.
#1: Use a cleansing tissue to gently remove impurities on your skin, paying close attention to the sensitive areas like eyes and neck.
#2: Massage on oil cleanser to remove oil-based impurities, then with warm water.
#3: Following step number two, on a wet face, add use water-based cleansing foam to remove water-based impurities. Rinse and pat dry.
Triple cleanse is basically adding the first step into the double cleansing routine, which I've been doing it for a long time.
My thoughts
Incorporating a cleansing tissue into my cleansing routine actually was a wonderful experience and I am willing to do this everyday. It is super useful at getting rid of stubborn mascara, eyeshadow, waterproof eyeliner, and even the foundation that were caught into the crease of my nose. In addition, it is so much convenient to not get your whole shirt soaked when cleaning your neck area.
The important part to the triple cleanse is to actually use well-formulated cleansing tissue designed to remove impurities on your skin. By saying that, I am not talking about baby wipes or wet napkins restaurants offer to wipe your hands.
Another trick is to use cloths that also nourish the skin. 
 Overall, this cleansing is definitely worth trying!