Treat Your Skin On Sweating Day

Here In New York City, the weather is scorching and humid. This humidity is too much to the point where you start to sweat as soon as you step out your door. Nothing seems to fix the sticky gross feeling when you had secreted nonstop. But, we can treat our skin with a few different steps so that we feel just a little better when you've been sweating all day along.
1. Double Cleanse
Constant sweating automatically follows the high humidity weather. Which also increases oil production. Double Cleansing does its job to the fullest on these weather. It will help to balance sebum production and keep skin troubles away. Try using an oil cleanser that contains PHA which has chemical exfoliant. This will clean your pores to the max. By oil cleansing, you will feel your skin refreshed. Plus, this method would be the safest way to exfoliate without causing any irritation. Also, oil cleansing does remove impurities in a quick, efficient way. Following up with a low pH water-based cleanser to deeply clean pores
2. Treat
We need an antioxidant to help protect ourselves against free radical damages on this constant sun exposing weather. Using a potent antioxidant such as Cosrx triple C Lightening Liquid, brighten your skin and fade hyperpigmentations. Use vita C products, such as Skinfood Boosting Juice 2-Step to improve your skin's ability to hold moisture which against the dry weather.
3. Hydrate
With this hot weather, you would want to suffocate your skin with a think heavy moisturizer. With a lightweight gel-cream type of product, make sure to provide your skin just enough moisture to hydrate.
Summer might be an excellent season for a vacation or even to go out for a walk. However, remember that your skin can get exhausted without proper skincare. To spend more time enjoying endless sunny days, make sure you've treated your skin well for the day.