Toner Wash Method

While toners in states are more known for being drying and harsh, toners in Korea are a 'must do' steps in balancing and hydrating. Following the 7-Skin Method, which went viral last year, now "Toner Wash" is the latest trend to hydrate and prep your skin.
How does "Toner Wash" work?
First, cleanse your skin, then double cleanse which involves using an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup followed by a water-based cleanser to further dissolve any residue. Instead of waiting to apply toner, you are going to "toner wash," meaning combine a hydrating toner with water to use it as your final rinse. To DIY your own toner wash, mix a couple of drops of toner into a palmful of water. You can also pour several drops of toner into a small bowl filled with water. This is going to be the last step of your rinse and pat dry.
The proportion is 9 part water 1 part toner.