The Korean Spa a.k.a Jim Jil Bang

When I introduce my non-Korean friends about Korea, I always tell them about the K-Spa also known as Jimjilbang. It is essential to K-Beauty and is quite different than traditional American spas where you have to make an appointment before going and leave when it's done. When we think about going to the spa in the states, we immediately think of fluffy robes, relaxing rooms, and cucumbers on our eyes. And, this isn't the case for K-Spas!
First of all, a lot of K-Spas are open 24/7 along with affordable prices. Many go with their friends and family to get clean and just hang out. You don't need to schedule an appointment ahead of time. K-Spas are really an all-day affair. You are able to nap, read, watch TV, sing in Karaoke, get treatments, play computer games, shop at a convenience store, and even have as many meals as you want at their restaurants. 
Now, let's talk more about getting the REAL spa stuff. 
1. Pools/Hot Tubs
You will have to take a shower before entering any of the pools and hot tubs. There are pools and hot tubs of temperatures going from freezing cold to boiling hot, and they each have a certain purpose such as increasing circulation or relaxing muscles. You will find different types of tubs; filled with mineral or even herbal treatments that are known to be beneficial to the skin. Also, tubs have jets or waterfall area which are used to relieve tension and joint pain. 
2. Body Exfoliation
This is a game changer! If you want some serious exfoliation, request a body scrub! Then you will be scrubbed from head to toe by an employee, wearing just an underwear (it's okay, it's nothing like what you are imagining), ready to go with Italy Towel. As soon as they start scrubbing, you will see dead skin cells falling off of your body. Might sound a little disturbing but satisfying! In the end, they shampoo your hair and give you a quick head and neck massage. You will notice your glowing body and baby soft skin!
3. Saunas/Rooms
Each sauna room has different benefits such as healing, muscle relaxing, rejuvenating, etc. People usually stay in one room for about 10-20 minutes. Then give a little break to themselves before going into another room. If you are interested in visiting any K-Spa, make sure to go online and read their reviews and see what kinds of rooms they have to offer.
Nevertheless, it is always a thing to do a sheet mask at K-Spa. When your pores are ready to take in all the nutrients and moistures. You can purchase sheet masks at most of the K-Spas but why not use better quality ones when your skin is SO ready for a sheet mask?!