The Importance of A Moisturizer

During the hot season or dry season, even a thin layer of hydration is critical to keeping your complexion balanced. Goes with any skin type, moisturizer helps lock in hydration along the products used beforehand. If you have oily skin, you would think to go bare-faced is totally fine since oil glands are more active in warmer weather. However, we tend to do more outdoor activities such as swimming. Which leads to break down the skin barrier. If you skip moisturizer, the oil glands are more likely to become hyperactive and overproduce oil. The key is to find the right moisturizer for your skin type.
Dry Skin: Try finding a rich cream version of moisturizer to help boost hydration. 
Normal Skin: Try finding just veer moisturizer during the warmer months.
Combination Skin: Choose a moisturizer that can help normalize your skin. Try finding a lightweight product that provides moisture in dry zones. Ceramides products can help hydrate skin without leaving it sticky.
Oily Skin: Try finding products that are lightweight. Aloe vera would be a good soothing ingredient. Also, products made of hyaluronic acid will keep your skin soft all day.