The 5 Different Types of Sheet Masks

When it comes to purchasing sheet masks, it is important for you to look at its ingredients along with the material of the sheet mask. They are many different types, and today I am here to introduce 5 different types of sheet masks.
1. Microfiber Sheet Masks
Microfiber sheet masks are the most commonly used or widely known sheet masks in the beauty community. They are made out of a super lush microfiber which has a similar feeling to cotton. These masks are usually the cheaper options in the market and they are soaked in a variety of botanical ingredients and vitamins to help rejuvenate your skin.
2. Hydrogel Masks
Hydrogel masks are made of a glossier material when compared to microfiber masks. These masks are made with 100% skin-benefitting ingredients rather than it soaking a cotton-based mask. Once you remove it from the package, you will be able to tell that the masks feel a bit thicker and look more transparent on your skin while the basic cotton-based sheet masks stay opaque. The most amazing fact of this sheet mask is that this mask locks in moisture better and comfortably clings to your skin.
3. Bio-Cellulose
Biocellulose is an all natural fiber or a mask made from good bacteria. Biocellulose sheet masks do perform better than the basic microfiber sheet masks. By adhering to the skin, it makes sure to allow all ingredients to get absorbed and avoids any ingredients from evaporating so quickly
4. Ampoule sheet mask
Ampoule sheet masks are 2-in-1, an ampoule and a sheet mask, two-step products. You would apple a single-use ampoule all over your face, massaging gently. Then you attach a sheet mask in the package on top of the ampoule to make all ingredients to penetrate deeply into your skin. 
5. Tencel Sheet Mask
Tencel sheet masks are made with eco-friendly fabric that has natural breathability and 50% more moisture absorption than cotton. It is also anti-bacterial due to its moisture management. Tencel has an extremely smooth and soft surface. With its soft and supple surface, these sheet masks would be a great choice for people who have sensitive skin