Summer Skincare Tips

Some of the sun-soaked activities you have to look forward to this summer are pool parties, barbeques, festivals, water-skiing, etc. Summer is the best season to take some time off of work for vacation or even gather ups when the weather is warm. Some may think it is the best time to get that stunning golden tan, where some dread the intense UV rays and skin damage the season has to offer. Therefore, here are some tips for maintaining healthy skin in the summertime.
1. Know Your Complexion
To properly take care of your skin, you need to determine your complexion. Darker skin tends to carry more melanin which makes your body's natural defense against the sun damage. Because we can apply sunscreens again, knowing how much sun your skin can take in is the summer skin tips. Those who are paler, your skin need to get a higher SPF to get proper protection.
2. Use Sunscreen
Sunscreen is one of the most critical summer skin care tips. Exposing the unprotected skin under UV rays may help you achieve the golden tan complexion. However, it will permanently damage your skin, lead to premature aging, and even put you at risk for cancer later on.
3. Face Care in the Summer
Face care during summer is challenging without knowing which product to use. Try using products with natural ingredients to protect your skin from sun damage without clogging your pores. If your sunscreen is thick and oily, it can easily attract to blemishes. To have your skin healthy and fresh, use a natural daily facial cleanser. For a clean, fresh and fully-moisturized skin this summer, we recommend:
4. Moisturize
Your skin can quickly become dry and flaky during the summer. Make sure to use enough of moisturizer. Also, try using sheet masks at least twice a week to give your skin a protective barrier.