Stop Worrying About 'Chemicals'

Especially when you have sensitive skin, you probably are extra concerned with the ingredients in skincare products. Because I was in that shoes, I know it takes time to research, and when you do find a perfect product such as all organic moisturizer, your budget isn't enough. So, I brought one product that perfectly suits all skin types, including sensitive skin.
Etude House Soon Jung Dry Capsule is made as a DIY sheet mask. There are a total of 5 capsules in a package which allows you to use it about more than 2 weeks if you sheet mask twice a week. You don't worry have to worry about the 'chemicals' in products with Dry Capsule. Simply pour in your favorite toner and watch your compressed sheet mask expand to full-size sheet mask. If toner isn't enough, you could add a few drops of facial oil to make it extra moist.
Then place onto face for 15-20 minutes. Toner does evaporate quicker than an essence, normal sheet masks are with essence, so remove the sheet mask before it dries out and discard it. We wouldn't want the sheet mask to take moisture away.