Sneaky Reasons Why You Might Be Breaking Out

Are you doing everything possible to fix your skin complexion? Double Cleansing day and night, applying serum, putting sheet masks on to provide moisture and spot treatments but still breaking out? If you've already gone through hormonal breakouts, there might be some environmental factors that you aren't aware of.
1. Dirty makeup brushes
If you frequently use makeup tools to apply makeup but don't remember the last time you washed them, or even never, you're inflaming your blemishes even more. Bristles can leave you more makeup reside and sweat. Use brush wipes after each application to give it a quick spot treat. To deep cleanse, wash bristles with a brush cleanser to thoroughly remove buildup. Rise under water until the water runs clear. Blot the ends with a paper towel and lay flat to dry.
2. Hair products
Skin troubles near your hairline could have reacted to the hair products that you use. Thick hair care products can block pores and cause breakouts. Be extra careful when hair-spraying or try switching to a different brand. Also, when taking a shower, make sure to cleanse your body after washing out your shampoo and hair conditioner. The sudsy residue from your hair cleaning products can cause breakouts as well.
3. Dirty pillowcases
Even if you double cleanse and moisturize enough, you can still leave sweat and oil on your pillowcase. Grime from your skin can rub off on your pillow and transfer back onto your skin during your sleep. Make sure to wash your sheets weekly.
4. Dirty phone
Do you get pimples along your cheek area? Your screen can harbor oil, grime, and even bacteria (think about all places that your phone is placed at- yikes!) Use electronic wipes to remove any dirt.