Safely Treating Acne During Pregnancy

The beauty of pregnancy glow is a topic among many, but not everyone may have the radiant throughout those ten months. Instead, some women tend to breakout while expecting. Acne caused during pregnancy is an increase of androgen hormones. If you've experienced breakouts during the time of the month, you have a better chance of experiencing flare-ups during pregnancy. The toughest part is that many anti-acne ingredients are not meant to use during pregnancy.
Ingredients to Avoid
Retinoids: Vitamin A derivatives could be harmful to the unborn child.
Salicylic acids: Most doctors recommend avoiding topical forms during pregnancy.
Benzoyl Peroxide: Safety of this ingredients has not been established in pregnancy.
Ingredients to Try
Tea Tree Oil: Naturally oil may take longer than some traditional ingredients, however, a number of studies have found it particularly effective against mild to moderate acne.
Charcoal: This detoxifying agent can help draw impurities and oil out of pores.
Rosehip Oil: Full of antioxidants and vitamin C, this oil can help skin repair itself while also combatting inflammation.
Chamomile: one of the greatest antioxidant which is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.
Sulfur: If your skin seems to be oilier than usual, you may want to turn to sulfur to help cut down on sebum. Helps decrease and reduce inflammation.
Lactic Acid: gentle exfoliating. Great for dry skin as it gently exfoliates and hydrates at once.
Glycolic Acid: Helps slough away dead skin cells, less likely to get clogged pores.