Portion Control Your Beauty Products

We continuously practice portion control in many aspects of our lives, like how much chocolate and wine, so why not in our skincare routines?
I am here to inform you how much product to use when you're integrating new Asian beauty products into your regimen.
We don't want to end up wasting product, but we want enough for the best results.
Cleanser: An oil cleanser that is packaged in a pump, about 1-2 pumps is enough. If you are using sherbet textured oil cleansers, because they come in solid form, scoop out a water bottle cap-sized amount. It is enough to thoroughly melt away your makeup.
Essence: Use a quarter-sized portion of an essence to nourish, balance & prep your skin for maximum absorption of the following skincare products. 
Ampoules: Use the dropper to dispense 3 drops into the palm of your hand and gently smooth onto the face and neck in long, upward strokes. Because ampoules have high concentrations of active ingredients, applying 3 drops still works wonders on your skin.
Sleeping pack: Apply two quarter-sized amount on to your palm. This is enough to comfortably cover the whole face in an even layer to nourish the skin overnight as it naturally regenerates.
Sheet Mask: Using one sheet mask per day is enough. Moisturizing sheet masks can go into your daily routine. However, those anti-aging kinds of masks tend to be a little stronger, so use those twice a week.