Popular Korean Summer Foods

During this hot season, we all need summer foods! I brought 10 Korean summer food to fight against the heat.
1. Neng Myeon (cold noodles)
This dish is so popular during summer. There are two different types of NengMyeon. First one is called Mul NengMyeon. Usually hand-made noodles served in ice-cold soup with sliced cucumbers, sliced Korean pear, and thinly sliced beef on top. The other is called Bibim NengMyeon, referring to hand-made noodles served without any stock but with a spicy sauce to it; comes with sliced cucumbers, sliced Korean pear, and thinly sliced beef. This dish definitely will cool off the heat!
2. Bingsoo 
You probably heard about this cold dessert at least once if you live near K-town or have Korean friends. Bingsoo is considered to be one of the most popular summer dishes in Korea. It's a bowl of shaved ice topped with fruits, syrups, ice cream, etc. Now many places make shaved ice with a milk base. Almost every cafe in Korea has Bingsoo as their menu. There are so many varieties such as Coffe Bingsoo, Berry Bingsoo, Cookie Bingsoo, Mango Bingsoo, etc. 
3. Neng Kong Guk Su
This is also a noodle dish that is served in chilled soybean broth. The broth is usually in thick and creamy consistency; is served with sliced cucumber, peanuts, and ice cubes. Some people will add a spoonful of sugar to give it a more of sweet flavor. 
4. Jang Uh Gui
This dish is grilled ell with special sauce on its skin. The eel is rich in vitamins A and E which are essential for blood circulation and help restore your lost appetite during the summer.
5. Sam Gye Tang
Samgyetang comes in hot broth with a whole chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, ginseng, garlic, nuts, and even with herbal ingredients that will help you stay strong during the hottest season. But why would they eat boiling hot dish during summer? There is a famous line in Korea "yi yeol chi yeol (이열치열) meaning that you must fight the heat with heat. So by eating a dish that is so hot, and extremely nutritious dish will replenish the lost internal warmth and boost the energy. This dish is super famous that is usually eaten at the hottest days of summer.