Paper Masks Vs. Bio Cellulose Mask

We continue to keep the competition, both low-end and high-end. Paper masks are the most commonly found masks in a local beauty supply store. They are known to be more affordable than high-end material sheet masks. Some reviews on online beauty stores show that the paper mask causes itchy feelings from time to time. Some other reviews indicate that the paper mask felt as if it was drying the skin out instead of moisturizing the skin. Which is somewhat expectable, if you lay the wet paper on your skin, it starts to dry out leading to absorb oils and moisture from your skin.
So now the beauty industry came up with an idea to make sheet masks with better material. Bio-cellulose is a super hydrated material that is hydrophilic which maintains moisture equilibrium. Also, it began its life as a medical treatment and is used as "temporary skin" on burn victims.  It delivers a better moisture barrier, and because bio-cellulose remain moisture-laden much longer, it will cling more tightly than the paper mask which happens to dry out and fall after 20 minutes. By the bio-cellulose mask clings tightly on your skin and open your pores, ingredients are entirely delivered genuinely into your skin.
Bio-cellulose masks do cost more. The average price range is about $18 per mask while a paper mask is sold as low as $1. But there is barely any performance in comparison. Bio-cellulose masks can infuse skincare ingredients deeply. Even with several paper masks, you cannot achieve the same benefits of a single bio-cellulose mask.
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