Favorite Korean Sheet Mask

You probably already know that I, as a member of TheMaskBox, used all sheet masks at least once, testing and making sure that specific Korean sheet mask is doing its job. Today, I want to share my favorite one among all.
We have 30 different sheet masks on our page at this moment, and I absolutely do love them all! They are all fascinating in different ways, some give you the pore-tightening feeling (for oily skin/combination skin), some give you ultimate nourishment (for dry skin/normal skin), some give you lifting effects on chin area (for sagging skin), some are super mild/calming (for sensitive skin), and on and on and on.
I honestly think Korean sheet masks are one of the best skincare products on the market if you were to use the good quality ones versus cheap material ones. I started using Korean sheet masks in a freshman year of high school. I was constantly asked what kind of skincare routine I had because I rarely had any acne, blemishes, or dry patches as a teenage girl. I didn't want to share my routine with people, so I kept it to myself. Now looking back, I regret so much to the point I want to call every one of them who asked and tell them that my skin was fine because I used Korean sheet masks. But, that's impossible, so I decided to share my current routine and my favorite sheet mask with TMB blog.
(My favorite Sheet Mask)
These days, I use The Face Shop's Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Soothing Gauze Mask to retain moisture, protect skin barrier, and soothe my skin to the fullest. I adore how this mask amazingly clings to my face because of its material; it feels like it delivers all ingredients deep down in my skin. It is also formulated without 10 additives which I totally feel safe to use on my skin. Because the material of this mask is so satisfying to touch and squeeze, I sometimes end up playing with it instead of attaching it to my face...
My Morning Routine (Combination Skin)
1. Cleansing: In my morning, I usually cleanse with only water to remove impurities from overnight. When my skin feels super oily, then I use Corsx Good Morning Gel Cleanser to set my balance my pH level.
2. Toner: I actually make my toner by mixing 100% pure organic oil and organic rose water. I shake it well and spray all over my face and gently dab it in. By making my own toner, I could avoid any ingredients that I do not want on my skin, as well as I could include the specific oils that I need during each season.
3. Sheet Mask: This isn't an everyday thing, but once in a while, or if I have a special occasion, I do a sheet mask in the morning to boost up plumpness before make-up. I totally recommend for you to try using a sheet mask in the morning once in a while or before putting on loads of make-up.
4. Moisturizer: I use Dr. Jart's liquid moisturizer. This moisturizer helps my skin super moisturized, leaving my skin super hydrated.
5. Sunscreen: My last step is to use 50 SPF sunscreen. Sunscreens are so crucial if you don't want to age your skin faster than it should age.
My Night Routine
1. Double Cleansing: As written in many different blogs, I do double cleanse to remove my make-ups, residues, and impurities. 
2. Toner: The same toner that I use in the morning.
3. Sheet Mask: I do at least 3 sheet masks a week during spring, summer, and fall. Then I do at least 5 sheet masks during the winter when my skin extremely gets dry.
4. Oil: Because I have combination skin, oily on T-Zone and dry on the cheek area, I apply a few drops of organic oil on my cheeks.
5. Moisturizer: The same moisturizer that I use in the morning. Sometimes I skip Step 4 and add a few drops of oil on moisturizer then apply onto my face.
6. Mist: I use my toner as a mist. Especially during winter, I carry around my toner to spray onto my face whenever skin feels too dry.