Korean Scrub

Not only Koreans have a 10-step skincare routine, but also Koreans have a routine of getting scrubbed. Like I talked about in my last blog, most of the K-spa Jimjilbang have a secret place just for scrubbing. Surprisingly, now many foreigners love to join to get naked and soaked in a hot tub to get scrubbed. Usually, a grumpy Korean woman or man in colorful underwear uses a Korean Italy towel to scrub every part of their guest's body. 
This intense Korean cleansing sounds aggressive, yet oddly satisfying. To get exfoliated, you need to soak your body in hot water for more than 30 minutes. Then you will be laying down on this spa bed to get rid of all the gunk, dirt, and layers of dead skin that built naturally built on your body. 
If it is your first-time experience, you might feel awkward with all these never-experienced-before exfoliations. However, this extraordinary exfoliation is rejuvenating. Many are satisfied and get addicted to the flawless surface of their body. 
What To Expect & What To Do?
1. Use the Soap
Many do bring their own fancy shower gel, however, use the soap provided by the bathhouse before getting scrubbed. Therefore your skin isn't too slippery to get scrubbed properly. After getting exfoliated, then you can use your own shower gel as much as you want.
2. Soak for at Least 30 Minutes
This pre-scrub step is the most important part before getting scrubbed. You want to soak your body in a hot tub for at least 30 minutes. This is for your 'dde' (dead skin) to wrinkle (a good thing) so they come off your body easily. If it is your first time, you might just call it a day after a few minutes of staying in the hot tub. It is better for you to stay in the water temperature you're most comfortable with instead of going straight into the hottest tub and think you will pull 30 minutes off. The key is to stay in the water to prune your dead skin. 
3. Be Completely Bare
In order for you to get scrubbed, you obviously have to be completely bare. Many people would come without removing everything. By saying 'everything,' even rings, earrings, glasses, and any other accessories should be removed. 
4. Relax
It does feel weird and might hurt at first, so many scrubees tend to get too rigid, leaving the scrub mistresses unable to contort into the position. Having the body to relax its muscles will allow the scrub mistresses to get things done most effectively
5. Save Hot Rooms For Later
Though some think sitting in hot rooms before getting scrubbed is an effective way of getting your skin ready, however, getting exfoliated before the hot rooms will make you feel more refreshed since nothing will be blocked by dirty pores. 
6. Once A Week
Getting scrubbed isn't an everyday thing. Just like your face exfoliation, you should not be scrubbed more than a once a week. Any more than that might over exfoliate your skin. A weekly scrubs improves skin vibrancy, blood circulation, and also helps your muscles to relax.