How to Achieve Glass Skin

A term "Glass Skin" is first introduced from K-beauty experts. It is the ideal skin to have in Korea. Glass skin refers to skin that looks clear, poreless, crystalline, and radiant - porcelain-like effect on the skin.
How to achieve the glass skin?
As I always mention, double cleansing is the key which refers to the process of cleansing twice with oil-based cleanser and then a water-based cleanser. Oil-based cleanser usually misleads consumers to think it will add more oil to the skin. However, an oil-based cleanser is more likely to remove impurities than a more regularly used cleanser. Secondly, make sure to look for hydrating toners. A little different from the Western skincare routine, where people gravitate towards astringent toners, K-beauty routines strive for more of hydrating toners. The whole point of the hydrating toner is to balance the pH of your skin. Next important step is to use a facial essence for that dewy, glowing effect. These essences are targeted treatments to help your skin more hydrated and brighten. This could easily be substituted with a sheet mask. Sheet masks have many different functions which will help you achieve the most wanted skin. Lastly, a hydrating moisturizer is a must.  This will eventually leave a subtle glow on the skin.