K-beauty Tips

Double Cleansing
Most K-beauty experts cleanse skin twice to revitalize. After removing makeup, use an oil-based cleanser to clear out any leftover makeup. Oil-based cleansers are more likely to eliminate impurities without drying out the skin. You will then go and use water-based, mild creamy cleanser or foaming cleanser, to finish out removing any leftover oil on your skin. When using a water-based cleanser, try making as much as bubbles/ foams (if it isn’t foamy cleanser), apply in soft circular motions to avoid stressing out the skin.
Facial Massage
This trick is also widely known. Facial Massages are usually done while using the cleansing oil, in the shower or during skincare routine. Facial massage should work with the direction of the muscles. There are a lot of facial massage products online; however, all you need is your hands. Here is a link that gives you a tutorial on how to do Korean V line Massage
By massaging your skin regularly, you will find your skin more bouncy, and it reduces the puffiness in the morning.
Sheet Mask
Hydration is the key to Korean skincare. Because Korean skincare is already 10-step, we don’t want to spend all-day doing other extra skin care. Therefore, sheet masks are a skincare expert’s dream! It is as simple as it sounds. Stick on and then peel off. To reach the perfect complexion, there are many different types: lifting, vitalizing, firming, acne-free, moisturizing, and more. It is the easiest way to boost your face nutrients.
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Skin Diet
You are what you eat, as Koreans would say. Koreans consume vegetables every day. One of the most common vegetables Koreans eat is Kimchi. It is spicy cabbage with garlic, ginger, pepper, spices, scallion, and anything that you desire to include. Kimchi could be one of the reasons that Koreans have glowy, healthy skin.