Skin Care After Swimming

Swimming in either a chlorinated pool or a natural body of water can break out your skin with many possible irritants hiding in the water. Showering and washing your body with soap after swimming is a must. The chlorine bonds to your skin when you get out of a swimming pool. Removing any vigorous chemical on your body can prevent you from breaking out in a rash. Not only in a swimming pool but also swimming in the ocean and other bodies of water may cause skin troubles due to the high salt content of seawater; plant life present in lake and rivers. Also, don't forget to wash your swimsuit for next time.
1. Moisturize your skin
Swimming pools are routinely cleaned with chlorine to kill bacteria to keep the water free of infection. However, the chemical in a swimming pool can contribute to dry skin. Applying a lotion or cream-based moisturizer to your skin will protect you from developing flaky patches.
2. Purify Skin
Drinking water is another skin care remedy you can do. Not only after swimming but also before you head to the swimming pool. Drinking plenty of fresh water helps you purify your skin and supply moisture that you might lose through sun exposure and rinses out toxins, chlorine. Your skin will stay more healthy and supple when you are 3. hydrated.