Use a Sheet Mask to the Fullest!

Using a sheet mask will give you the most glowy look. Let's take one step further and discover how to get nutrients to the fullest.
1. Peeling/ Exfoliating
Use a peeling gel to exfoliate your skin gently. Peeling will help the essence on a sheet mask to absorb to the fullest later on. Try using a peeling gel instead of strong exfoliator to avoid stressing out your skin.
2. Set a timer
Time on sheet masks may vary. Always make sure to read the instruction and attach a sheet mask for the exact amount of time. Leaving a sheet mask on for too long will reabsorb the moisture from your skin.
3. Avoid colorful sheet masks.
Colorful sheet masks are always fun to try; however, if you have sensitive skin, you would want to avoid using colorful sheet masks. The coloring ingredients might irritate your skin.
4.The right temperature.
Many people keep their sheet masks in the fridge to have them cooled. Cooled sheet masks always feel nice to have it on, but, 14C/57F is the recommended storing temperature for a sheet mask, or leaving in a cool area is perfectly fine.
5. Move it around
Try moving a sheet mask around beforehand to spread out the essence onto the sheet evenly.
6. Don't waste!
There is a lot of essence in the package. Use the leftover on your dry spots instead of throwing them away.
7. Lock-in
You could feel your skin full of moist after a sheet mask. Don't stop there! Make sure to apply on a cream or serum or lotion to lock in everything completely.
8. Use it before your makeup
Using it right before your makeup will boost up the bouncy look. The tip is to absorb essence thoroughly before applying foundation. Using a sheet mask before a makeup will have you stay away from a cakiness.