Ingredients That Oily Skin Loves

Oily skin is complicated and temperamental. Even when we think we have successfully destroyed all signs of shine, it always reappears on certain spots. Oily skin has overactive oil glands that cause breakouts, blackheads, and enlarged pores. Some of the reasons why people have oily skin are genetics, climates, and dehydration. One of the effective ways to solve overproducing oil is to restore balance in the skin to prevent the oil glands. You may be stripping your skin and making it just worse without knowing it. This is why being aware and checking ingredients in skincare products are crucial. Once you have a hint of each ingredient, you will know which product suits you with just quick glands.
If you do have oily skin, keep these ingredients in mind.
Lemon: A natural antiseptic which can help reduce breakouts. The vitamin C in lemon also helps to brighten skin tone and fights against hyperpigmentation, as well as acne scarring. Lemon perfectly suits for oily skin with its ability to clean away greasiness and sebum, helping reduce shine and breakouts.
Tea Tree (Melaleuca): Tea tree is widely known to help oily, acne prone skin. It is a gentle astringent, helps control oil without drying out the skin. Also is an antibacterial which is what makes it effective against breakouts. Since blemishes are due to bacteria, using tea tree skincare products will be able to remove them and even prevent further inflammation.
Salicylic Acid: Also known as a BHA that is found in many fruit enzymes such as papaya and pineapple. Unlike another chemical exfoliator, BHA penetrates deeper into the skin and clear out the pores.
Hyaluronic Acid: A deficiency in moisture often causes oily skin. Because many people with oily skin do not moisturize enough, the oil glands overproduce oil to make up for it. Not moisturizing your skin because of the grease on your skin is a way to only accelerate your oil production. Hyaluronic acid draws water from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface to hydrate and soften. Also, help your skin to reduce oil and will give you healthy and glowing skin.