Ingredients That Combination Skin Loves

Caring for dry skin could get frustrating. It feels like most products are not hydrating enough, or contain harsh chemicals that only worsen the issue.
Lacking oil causes dry skin. Oil protects your skin from the elements and keeping it soft. Without oil, your skin is more vulnerable to irritation and infection. 
Not only your skin lacks oil, but also the barrier is weakened, meaning your skin isn't protected from the elements, bacteria, and moisture loss. Because your skin is made up of lipids, when the barrier weakens, these lipids break down. So the skin becomes dry, thin which is easily irritated, cracked and flaky.
 If you do have dry skin, here are some ingredients that you would want to pay attention to.
Hyaluronic Acid: This ingredient leaves the skin plumper, firmer, and softer. Not only improves the skin condition but strengthens the barrier function which will help your skin to be less vulnerable to moisture loss. 
Ceramides: Ceramides will comprise the skin's barrier function. It fights against thinning skin, irritation, and redness. Ceramides help to lock moisture in, so the skin stays hydrated without the water evaporating.