Flying Aboard?: In-Flight Skincare Routine

Vacation season is finally here! Although we are excited about this season, vacation plan isn't complete without a special in-flight skincare routine. Usually, we are only allowed to carry 3.4 oz or smaller sized containers that fit in 1 quart-sized, resealable bag. That isn't a lot since we, skin experts, like to keep our routines real! Just 3 products will save you from having dry skin.
1. Cleansing Tissue
3. Cream
Typically, our skin feels comfortable when the humidity is between 40 to 70 percent; however, in-flight, the humidity drops down to about 20 percent. This is less than half of what our skin is used to, which will eventually cause dry skin. We need to make smart choices to avoid dry skin. In-flight, where there is no water, moisturizers don't work like before. Try finding items that contain hyaluronic acid, a sugar molecule found naturally in the skin which has a fantastic ability to bind to water, as your moisturizer. 
Remember 2 things in-flight. 
1. drink a lot of water (keep yourself hydrated)
2. Moisturize your skin as needed (with the right products)
Use a cleansing tissue to wipe off residues gently, like The Face Shop's Rice Water Bright Cleansing Tissue, followed by The Face Shop's Dr. Belmeur Advanced Hyaluronic Mask to create a moisture barrier to hydrate and maintain moisture to the skin deeply. Finish with Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream to give your skin extra moisture. Reapply every 60 - 90 minutes or as needed.
Some might ask 'why not the facial mist?'
Spraying facial mist might feel refreshing and hydrating, but as water evaporates from your skin, it can make dryness worse!
A long-haul flight skincare routine should be taken more seriously. Not only the dryness will ruin your skin, but also water retention in-air and any travel stress can create skin problems.