How to Know If You Have Normal Skin

People commit a lot of money, time, and efforts to have elusive normal skin. Normal skin is well nourished, hydrated, dewy, and flawless. This skin type shows no sign of dryness, excess oil, or breakouts. If you frequently get compliments of your complexion, there is a high chance that you have normal skin. 
Most people's teen years are invaded with skin woes such as acne and oil. But, remember that you used to have the baby soft skin from childhood? Perhaps you had skin troubles back in the past, but after aging out of adolescence, your skin tends to balance out naturally. 
A breakout would be very rare for you. If you do have a breakout, it probably is linked to hormones which will disappear within a few days. Your pores aren't enlarged; they are not too large nor too small. They can't be invisible, but they are definitely minimal. 
If you have normal skin, your skin should feel soft and supple. You shouldn't be experiencing rough texture, flakiness or irritation. Even if your skin might get slightly oily during the summer or winter, a quick touchup restores your skin back to normal.
Normal skin does have to take a special care also. First of all, hydration is a must as even normal skin can become dehydrated. The reason for normal skin is that the moisture and oil levels are balanced. Try to maintain your balance by using non-stripping products and not too light nor too rich moisturizers.
Since your skin is already balanced, try to prevent aging and maintain your glowy skin. 
Overall, if your skin is glowy, not an oily shine, and not dull, then your skin is normal. Start caring more for your skin because even if your skin might be in a very healthy condition, this will eventually catch up with you as you age. Take a good care for your beautiful complexion.