How to Get Rid Of Dry Skin Patches

No matter how diligent I get with my skin routine, I sometimes end up getting dry patches. Because I'm not the only one struggling with rough and parched skin, here are some tips you should try for a flawless complexion.
1. Keep your skin clear 
Dry patches can be caused by wear and tear. If you constantly to rub a specific area of your face, you will end up causing a patch.
2. Don't over-cleanse
Many over-cleanse, thinking that it would help them to have clear skin. Or even use the wrong product for their skin. You need to first know your skin type then choose your cleanser. Some ingredients like BHA's or AHA's, popular these days, might not suit people with dry skin.
3. Don't over-exfoliate
When your skin troubles, your first instinct may be to clear them off by exfoliating, however, this could accelerate the problem over time. Exfoliating may solve the dry patches go away at the moment, however, your skin will trouble again for the same reason. Then you will do another exfoliation to quickly solve the trouble. You really want to know the right reason to fix your dry patches.  Constant exfoliation will let your skin to produce skin cells at an accelerated pace which leads in thicker and duller looking skin.
4. No to HOT showers
Taking a shower in extremely hot temperature will wash away your natural oils. Try using warm water.
5. Spot treatments
Specific areas like the cheeks or the chin are more prone to dryness because they have lower concentrations of oil glands. Many moisturizers might not be strong enough. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor on the dry areas to help lock in moisture. Even further, you could use a sheet mask to seal in moisture.