How to Fight Bacne

If you've been looking for a low cut or backless dress for your special occasion, the skin on your body is as important as your complexion. Since our bodies don't often get blobs of the essence, serum, and more, consider giving the skin a loving care. Especially in warmer weather, your back deserves as much concern as your complexion. Here are the tips for spotless skin.
Active Blemishes
Make sure to wash your body thoroughly to remove any potentially pore-clogging ingredients left behind from your shampoo or conditioner. Try using a body gel or shampoo that contains benzoyl peroxide which helps to kill the bacteria that causes breakouts. There is a variety of strengths, meaning more isn't better. A formula containing between 2-4% benzoyl peroxide is recommended. In addition, if you are using exfoliators, don't harshly scrub away zits. If you workout, make sure to change out sweated clothes. Sung clothing can trap oil and dirt. Try using body wipes on breakout-prone areas.
Brightening Acne Marks
Fading marks can get really tough. For your acne marks to fade and brighten, you need to be patient. For very dark hyperpigmentation, consider a chemical peel on your back from your dermatologist. Chemical peels aren't just for the face but also for your body skin. For a less intensive treatment, look for tropical products containing alpha hydroxy acids or azelaic acid which can exfoliate skin to help diminish marks. If you can lay on your stomach for 15-20 minutes (watching Netflix or Youtube), place Vitamin C sheet mask for a quick brightening boost. Plus, just how you treat your complexion, wear sunblock every single day to prevent marks from getting any darker.