How Stress Affects Your Skin

Have you ever felt as if the universe is playing a cruel trick on you? If you feel somewhat anxious as a specific event approaches such as finals or big business meetings, stress level tends to go up. Which eventually creates the potential for an eruption. Psychological stress is known to trigger and worsen skin diseases. People who suffer from skin disorders notice more outburst when their stress levels uplift.
We can't fully crystalize that stress directly causes acne or breakouts, however, it does act as a trigger for the factors that contribute to the process of breakouts. Our body naturally produces hormones and stresses. Cortisol, also known as a stress hormone, is normal in small amount, but as stress level elevates, cortisol has the potential to increase inflammation and sebum production. Not only food but also our mental wellbeing is often reflected in our skin. 
What you can do:
What I would recommend is to spend time on your own. Do ANYTHING that you wanted to do during your spare time, even if that may be taking a nap.