Do You Have Oily Skin?

Different skin types lead to having different skincare. Today, I will be talking to people who have skincare specifically for oily skin. Due to the amount of sebum and oil, this skin type could be very stressful. Getting oily skin "under-controlled," people use oil-free and alcohol-based products thinking those will clear the sebum, oil, and even acne. The beauty industry has a huge market for these oil-free and alcohol-based products. With the misconception of oil-free/ alcohol-based products will deliver in having clear complexion, industries keep on producing oil-free/alcohol-based products since people with oily skin want pore-tightening feelings. 
Even if you do think you have oily skin, you might actually have dehydrated skin. This results in our skin compensating the dehydration by making more sebum to moisturize your skin naturally. By cutting the natural moisturizer, sebum, with alcohol-based toner and oil-free products, your skin is going to get unbalanced and pump even more sebum to protect from getting "dehydrated." This might sound incredibly wrong, but you should start using oil to fight your oily skin. Oils come in a lot of different textures if you didn't know. There is thinner and drier texture oil, whereas some have high in Linolenic acid content than Oleic acid content. 
What Oils Can Do?!
1. Purify pores
A pore is a tunnel for your natural oil sebum. So oil can penetrate through the tunnel and clear/refine your pore.
2. Prevents acne from dehydration
Oils can moisturize your skin and prevent the water loss. They can also prevent the breakout that you're having from dehydration.
3. Regulate excess sebum production
Some oils have a very similar molecule structure and composition to our naturally present sebum. Therefore whenever the oil gets on skin, your skin recognizes the oil as sebum and eventually stop from overproducing sebum.   
4. Some oils heal acne
Some plants have superior healing and skin reviving properties and benefits.
So basically stop getting carried away with those pore-tightening feelings that oil-free/alcohol-based products offer. Start moisturizing in the right way make sure to let your skin know that they are not dehydrated!