Can You Replace Cleansing With Face Wipes?

There are nights when we do not want to spend so much time on our skincare routines. So much so that we grab a cleansing tissue to remove makeup, laying down. This convenient way of cleansing is questionable. Because if we can replace face wipes with our nightly cleanse, that would be great! So, can we replace cleansing with face wipes?
Certainly, using a wipe is better than not cleansing at all. However, overusing towelettes, as in more than once or twice a week, may cause irritation or even skin allergies. If you were to carry around cleansing tissues, opt for gentle, hydrating cleansers. You could consider using a towelette as the first step to remove makeup, that would be totally fine as a daily routine as long as you follow up with an oil cleanser to remove any residue and lingering grime.