7 Skin Method - Korean Skincare

The latest K-beauty trend is called “7-Step Method.” This method is known to be a multi-application toner technique which very easy to follow. With alcohol-free toner, so you don’t irritate your skin, you are going to layer the toner 7 times. However, you also need to keep in mind that a runnier consistency, the better your skin will absorb. Instead the toner topping on each other, you want to make sure the product thoroughly absorbs before the next layer. When you complete layering the toner for 7 times, don’t waste your toner and hard work by forgetting the last step. You need to make sure to moisturize afterward whether with moisturizer, lotion, essence, cream, serum, eye cream or etc. Moisturization will lock in all the moisture! Your skin will feel as if you’ve just done a sheet mask.

7-Skin Method is favorite K-beauty skincare these days, however, make sure to do some research and get the right toner to experience the effect entirely. If 7 steps seem too much, cut it to 5 or 3. Take this method as a guideline to customize your own skincare.

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