4 Reasons Why Your Skin Breaks Out When You Travel


1. Weather
Depending on where your vacation may be, your skin has to adjust from cooler temperatures to warmer ones, or vice versa. If you are traveling from hot and humid to cold, you might experience dry patches, and could also have a flare-up. If the other way around, your skin can produce more oil and sweat causing to get acne.
What to do? You will be able to combat both by consistently washing your face and moisturizing enough every day. 
2. Plane Ride
Air on planes has notoriously lower humidity, about 10-20 percent less than what you breathe standing on the tarmac. This can seriously dry out your skin. Clean your face and apply moisturizer on a flight, especially if you are flying for a long time.
3. Time Change and Jet Lag
Ever wake up in a new destination and wonder where you were? When you across time zones, your internal clock becomes a bit confused. Your health wouldn't be too much impacted since most adjust within a few days, but it does interrupt your sleeping habits. Which leads for you to get less amount of sleep and get tired at odd times. Your skin can look dull or uneven in these cases. 
What to do? Make sure to cleanse your face upon landing or travel with a clean face and exfoliate mid-flight.
4. Dehydration
Your regular diet suddenly experiences a major shift when you travel. You might not be around the joints you're used to, you aren't sleeping and waking up at the same time and more. And this is why most people experience dehydration when they are on vacation. 
What to do? Drink a lot of non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages yourself from dehydration.