4 Foods That Cause Dry Skin

Do you feel as if your skin isn't getting any better even with the right skincare routine? If you barely feel any changes and still are 'rocking' that dry, dull, and flaky looking skin, you might want to change your diet. Not only the weather can cause skin troubles, but also foods with specific ingredients can suck out the moisture. Depending on different ingredients, a food can either improve or hurt your skin appearance, balance, and elasticity. Especially who suffers from dry skin, changing your diet will help moisturize the skin from the inside out.
1. Alcohol
Less fluid may lead to dehydration and suck out the moisture from the skin. Because alcohol draws out the liquid from the body, your skin is more likely to stay dry and also fine lines and wrinkles appear even more than usual.
2. Salty Food
When eaten salty foods, our body tries to neutralize the salt. This results in drawing out more fluid to balance out the excess salt. Make sure to drink loads of water after eating salty food.
3. Sugar
Too much sugar in the bloodstream can begin to affect tissue such as collagen. It will eventually weaken and dry out the skin.
4. Refined Carbohydrates
Our body recognizes and metabolizes these carbs as the way they recognize sugar. Therefore carbs also can damage the collagen in your skin which will lose its elasticity. 
5. Coffee
Coffee can dehydrate your skin by constricting your blood vessels causing less fluid to flow through. Coffee can specifically have an impact around your eye areas and gets even worse if consumed on empty stomach.
Try finding a right skin care routine along with healthy diet. Try drinking more water for the glowy look!