10 Step Korean Skincare Routine

The 10 step skincare routine sounds bizarre, but it has been tested and proven by K-beauty experts. The reason TMB is sharing this skin routine is to aware beauty experts to fully understand the purpose of each step so that it is easier creating own skincare routine.

#1 Oil-Based Cleanser
An oil-based cleanser is more likely to remove makeup than the water-based cleanser. Removes makeup residue off your face and it also protects your skin from drying out. Gently apply onto your skin & wash with warm water.

#2 Water-Based Cleanser
Double-cleansing is the key. Massage cleanser around your face to remove any leftover impurities from oil cleansing.

#3 Exfoliate
Exfoliating at least twice a week is highly recommended for polished skin. Getting rid of dead skin cells will help your skincare products work to the fullest. Gently massage all over your face for a couple of minutes then wash off.

#4 Toner
Toner is more of a preparation for denser products that patted on afterward. Simply have the right amount on your hands and dab it onto your skin or use a cotton pad to wipe your skin gently.

#5 Essence
Important! Helps repair your skin in areas that have dry patches and to help reduce hyperpigmentation. Pat it onto your toned skin.

#6 Serum/Ampoules
These products are formulated with active ingredients that target specific needs, such as dehydration, dull-looking skin, fine lines, loss of firmness, and hyperpigmentation.

#7 Sheet Mask
The most affordable skincare. Many K-beauty experts do “1 sheet mask per day routine” to maintain their healthy skin. You can also customize your regimen with sheet masks - from pure moisturizing to complexed lifting. Don’t leave it too long so that the mask re-absorbs moisture from your skin which will eventually leave your skin dry.

#8 Eye Cream
The skin around the eye area is very thin and fragile. Use on areas where wrinkles are more likely to form. Do not rub, gently pat.

#9 Moisturizer
Hydrating is the key for dewy, glowing skin. Moisturizers are made into many different forms - from an emulsion, lotion, gel, or cream - use the one that works the best for your skin. 

#10 Sunscreen or Sleeping Mask
Morning routine - Sunscreen is the easiest way to prevent premature aging. Remember to put this last so it can entirely shield your skin from UV rays.
Night routine - Apply on a sleeping mask; this helps lock in the moisture while you are asleep.