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Reasons Why You Should Exfoliate

Why should you exfoliate? It's always good to get rid of dead skin cells. They can clog pores and the cause dull looking skin. By eliminating dead skin cells, your skin will be able to absorb serums better.

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Oats - A Skin Secret

Oat lipids and proteins help to rejuvenate the skin barrier. And this will help the dryness. The oats also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant chemicals which helps you with skin sensitivity and helps to slow down aging.

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Tips for Plump Up Lips

The skin on lips is unlike any other part of your body. It's so thin that you can see the blood vessels that make your lips appear reddish. And because there aren't any oil glands in the lips, your lips dehydrate faster than any other skin on your body. Your lips become thinner as you age, and dehydration accelerates this process. Here are a few easy steps you can follow for a plump up lips.

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Triple Cleansing?!

Cleansing seems super basic, but the truth is many people are not really taking their time cleansing thoroughly to remove all the residue on their face. I totally relate to this because sometimes I swipe my face with toner using a cotton pad and see a brown streak left over. So lately, I've been thinking of extending my cleansing routine because I tend to put on more makeup than usual, mainly due to another job that I have which I consistently have to greet customers. Also, I've been using more colorful eyeshadow palette to emphasize the summer vibe.  Then I came across "triple cleanse" trend. I instantly had to try this routine out to see what difference this makes. It isn't too much as it may sound....

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